BASH: Tail follows a file until string isn’t matched

The problem seems pretty easy… for the first look.

# Prepare :>/tmp/output.log (sleep 1s; echo "exit on match" >> /tmp/output.log) & tail -n +0 -f /tmp/output.log | sed '/exit on match/{p;q}'

My first reaction was “Wuuuut?”, because tail isn’t react on SIGPIPE.

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Serial pinout and OpenWrt on Netgear board WNDR4000 rev.0

At last week I installed OpenWrt on my Nergear WNDR4000.
The chip on the board is marked as U12H194T99 instead of *T00, which sets on board rev.1.
The most of staff in the web is about T00, so, it wasn’t so easily find something about T99.
I did a mistakes and got experience. So, I collected a couple of advices for you, %username%.

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Fedora 21: fglrx 15.20 fix again… for Kernel 4.0.8. Is it the last time?

This is a draft, have no enough time, btw, I guess, it could be informative for someone.
I’ll make patch for 4.0.x version of kernel as soon as possible, if I don’t made it – ping me, please, in a comment :)
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