Fedora 21: Kernel 3.19.x and fglrx 14.501 fix

Once again – update and auto-recomple fglrx kernel module failed.

First problem is removing folder /var/lib/dkms/fglrx/ with a make.log file.. Error! Bad return status for module build on kernel: 3.19.3-200.fc21.x86_64+debug (x86_64) Consult /var/lib/dkms/fglrx/14.501.1003/build/make.log for more information. DKMS part of installation failed. Please refer to /usr/share/ati/fglrx-install.log for details Making kernel module failed and useless information in /usr/share/ati/fglrx-install.log – thank you, guys!

Let fix it!
Unpack a driver pack (and again latest pack release in official site – 12/9/2014)
$ ./amd-driver-installer-14.501.1003-x86.x86_64.run --extract Download patch for version ati driver 14.501.1003 (at this time it is a little bigger):
$ wget http://storage.theg4sh.ru/patches/ati-14.501.1003_kernel-upto-3.19.x.patch or $ curl -O http://storage.theg4sh.ru/patches/ati-14.501.1003_kernel-upto-3.19.x.patch Makefile and make.sh of module also patched for replace old links in /usr/src/fglrx-14.501

and apply it from the root of unpacked driver folder: $ cd fglrx-install.1yb4r5 $ patch -i ../ati-14.501.1003_kernel-upto-3.19.x.patch Now build a package RedHat/RHEL7_64a, for example: $ ./ati-installer.sh 14.501 --buildpkg RedHat/RHEL7_64a When building is done in parent folder you will see a package. Well, install it! :)

Done! Have a nice day!

2 thoughts on “Fedora 21: Kernel 3.19.x and fglrx 14.501 fix

  1. Thank you and sbosibo!
    This was the only cure that helped me. It seems the problem is unchanged in the new release “omega-15.5” of the ATI driver ….
    After doing a “–uninstall” I was able to auto-install the driver on Mageia 5 by running:
    ./ati-installer.sh omega-15.5 –install

    • > It seems the problem is unchanged…
      Yep, it is. When spoke with a support team they tell me that have too much bureaucracy at the way to include a patch (figuratively speaking).

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